//We refer to the Telegram channel ( (「Channel」) and group ( (「Group」).

The Channel name, i.e. 抵制TVB戰線 – 綜合狙擊頻道 (translation: Boycott TVB War – General Attack Channel), and Group name, i.e. 狙擊TVB戰士行動組 (translation: Attack TVB Warriors Taskforce), already indicate a certain level of violence. The whole Channel and Group are created for the purpose of attacking TVB. The existence and operation of the Channel and Group will only encourage users to attack TVB at all means, and the possibility of them using violent means cannot be ruled out. This can be proven from the real physical attacks against TVB. Thus, while you may refer to particular messages (such as, see attached), the whole Channel and Group are offending and ought to be removed.

Best regards,

Legal & Regulatory Department


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A columnist in political development in Greater China region, technology and gadgets, media industry, parenting and other interesting topics.

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