David Webb自爆要求石鏡泉辭職

有股壇長毛之稱的獨立股評人David Webb持有經濟日報集團(00423.HK) 6%的股權,他表示於7月22日晚上向公司表示,將於周五(26日)舉行的股東週年大會上要求石鏡泉辭任,並期望持有公司10%股權的香港大學支持相關議案。


以下為David Webb旗下網站的報道:

Webb-site founder David Webb owns over 6% of HKET. Last night he told the newspaper that he would call for Mr Shek’s resignation at the AGM on Friday, and hoped that the University of HK, which owns 10%, would agree. At a rally on 20-Jul, Mr Shek advocated beating protesters with canes or 20mm plastic pipes, He has apologised and retracted, but too late for those injured in Yuen Long on Sunday. Incitement at a public gathering of violence causing physical injury breaches Section 26 of the Public Order Ordinance. He should be prosecuted.


A columnist in political development in Greater China region, technology and gadgets, media industry, parenting and other interesting topics.

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