Apple said to launch iPhone Xc

As Apple is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its flagship iPhone product line with the launch of iPhone X last fall with premium pricing, the world’s largest company by market capitalisation is said to expand its X series to tap mass market by launching a iPhone Xc later this year with affordable pricing. Should this product be in the. Apple’s pipeline, it could help further strengthen. Apple’s market position in emerging market like India.

According to Chinese media reports, the so-called iPhone Xc is equipped with similar hardware form factor as the iPhone X, but the screen material will be traditional LED display panel, rather than an OLED used in the iPhone X. The case of the iPhone Xc would be in plastic material rather than glass material as the current model used. The phone could come with the A11 processor and the features could be more or less the same as the flagship model. It’s not clear whether iPhone Xc could come with the facial recognition, as the new front camera system is also quite expensive component for the iPhone X. These three materials change could help bringing down the new product pricing to around US$500 level. That said, it could be positioned as a mid range model between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 8 series.

It seems that. Apple could have a big change on its product line by fading out traditional form factor iPhone from the shelf and replaced with the new “full screen” models like iPhone Xc. There were speculations that. Apple could launch three iPhone X successors later this year with three different screen sizes. The biggest one is said to be 6.5 inch screen size.

It’s worth to see whether. Apple could have a facelift of its iPhone SE, which could be unveiled as early as in March.

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