HK Police: A reputation to protect

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Hong Kong has a new police chief following the retirement of Stephen Lo: deputy commissioner Chris Tang has taken over. It’s a critical time for the city, with daily battles taking place between police and protesters ahead of local elections this weekend.

While Tang will seek to bring an end to civil unrest that has lasted six months, his hardest task will be rebuilding his officers’ reputations. Public trust in the police is at an all-time low and splits have even begun to emerge between the force and other emergency services.

The police watchdog is due to release a report into police behaviour but its findings are unlikely to satisfy protesters, who want an independent investigation as part of their “five demands” for broader Hong Kong reforms.

A rumoured inquiry by the city’s highly regarded anti-corruption agency, which conducts its probes covertly and is not controlled by the Hong Kong government, could have a lot more bite.

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